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Here you will find everything you need to prepare for your ENGLO4 class. The syllabus is now available here

ANNOUNCEMENT NOVEMBER 25, 2011 - "A Poem, a Letter, and a Podcast Project" is here! Please review it and bring any questions on December 2nd along with the "Remember ?" poem you want to share.

Course Requirements:

Due Date BSE2
Due Date BEED 3B
Literature defined

Phil. Folk Literature

If you are interested in other Philippine creation myths, please visit

Short Story

Death into Manhood

My Brother Leon

Dead Stars

Faith,Love ,Time and Dr. Lazaro

Wedding Dance

Possible Activities:
1. reenactment of some scenes
2. debate
3. panel discussion
The House on Zapote Street

What is an Educated Filipino?

College Uneducation

Male Homosexuality in the Philippines: A Short History (ADAPTED)


Where is the Patis?

Intro to Poetry



A Eulogy of Roaches

Like the Molave

Please see the book, Gems in Afro-Asian Literature by J. Calixihan
Intro to Drama

Sa Pula, Sa Puti

Sepang Loca

you can click the website for Bonifacio's background**Amelia**...**Bonifacio**